New Type Of Coffee Changed My Body



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Kathy I.


I still get to eat pizza and cupcakes!

“As a busy single mom, I don’t have time to count calories or exercise, that’s why Green Coffee Thin was perfect for me. It was so easy! I honestly still ate my cupcakes, McDonald’s and pizza. And when I stepped on the scale after only 2 days and saw I had already lost 4 pounds, I knew your diet was different!”

Before - 184 lbs

After 4 weeks - 122 lbs

- Kathy I., OH


Debby M.

Before - 187 lbs

After 29 days - 133 lbs

Good-bye elastic waist bands... Hello skinny jeans!

“GREEN COFFEE THIN is nothing short of amazing! I’ve only been using it for one month and the results are definitely as advertised!

I first heard of green coffee bean extract when I saw a TV episode about it. I had no idea what it was before then. The doctor on the show was talking about how people were losing weight without going on diets. In the past, I was convinced nobody lost weight without dieting or exercise. That’s what I thought before I started taking GREEN COFFEE THIN.

I did some looking around and GREEN COFFEE THIN seemed to be the best product out there. It was more than 45% green coffee extract with no fillers, like the Doctor on the TV show suggested.

I’ve lost so much weight (54 lbs) that I had to go out and buy new jeans because my other ones no longer fit! And the fat loss isn’t just in my waist and hips. I’ve noticed the flab on my arms is going away and my face appears thinner too. I also have more energy overall, which is something I didn’t expect. But it’s a great feeling!”

“Just buy GREEN COFFEE THIN and don’t look back. You won’t regret it at all and you’ll feel like a whole new person. Just like me.”

- Debby M., IL


Teresa K.

Before - 244 lbs

After 47 days - 151 lbs

I’m no longer shopping in the +size clothing section!

It was a real wake up call when my doctor told me how high my blood sugar was, and that if I didn’t get it under control I was in for some serious health problems soon! She had heard a lot of buzz about research on the green coffee bean and recommended I try it out. That's how I discovered GREEN COFFEE THIN, the only weight loss supplement with other great advantages... one being that it helps maintain healthy sugar levels.

I’ve dropped 93 pounds with the help of GREEN COFFEE THIN and couldn’t be happier with the results. I just take 1 capsule 30 minutes before my 2 largest meals of the day, and that’s it.

“My physician scolded me for losing 18 lbs in the first 7 days of trying GREEN COFFEE THIN. She said it was a little too fast.”

No crazy diets or intense workouts needed. My doctor was amazed at how I looked on my next visit, she almost didn’t recognize me! I told her that I owed it all to her suggestion ...which led to my discovery of GREEN COFFEE THIN. She was so impressed, she told me she would recommend it to all her patients who need help controlling their weight.

Yes, I’m headed down a healthier road. But, I must say... the most gratifying part of my story is that I no longer shop for my clothes in the +size clothing section. I’m feeling like a woman again!”

- Teresa K., FL


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